Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Annual Report 2014-2015

Fast Facts

Our research. Our people. Our facilities.

Our Research


Rank among Canadian research hospitals for peer-reviewed funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research


Growth in funds received from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research since 2000 compared to national average of 200%


Rank in terms of total research revenues out of more than 600 Canadian hospitals (2014, RE$EARCH Infosource)


Scientific papers published in 2014 from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Active patent families under management by our Technology Transfer Office


Spin-off companies creating jobs in areas such as regenerative medicine, oncolytic viruses, diagnostics, vaccines and vision improvement


Active external grants, contracts and salary awards at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Active clinical research projects This includes all research projects at The Ottawa Hospital in which patients, health-care workers, students or volunteers have agreed to participate. This can include being interviewed, taking a survey, allowing biological samples to be analyzed, or testing new procedures, devices or drugs.


Active clinical trials Clinical trials are a subset of clinical research projects. They include biomedical or behavioral interventions that involve patients at The Ottawa Hospital and are designed to answer specific questions about vaccines, drugs, treatments, devices, or new ways of using known drugs, treatments, or devices.


New clinical trials


Ratio of external research funding leveraged to every $1 donated by the community through The Ottawa Hospital Foundation


Agencies and companies funding the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Patients Enrolled in clinical trials at The Ottawa Hospital


New breast cancer drugs approved and available thanks to clinical trials conducted at The Ottawa Hospital


Potential savings from just one research project Ottawa COPD Risk Scale estimated to save Ontario $115M over three years

Our People


Scientists Scientists at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute have MDs, PhDs, or both, and spend the majority of their time conducting research. Each scientist leads a team of 5 to 45 people and is a professor at the University of Ottawa. Many are also active physicians at The Ottawa Hospital.


Investigators Investigators at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute are generally physicians, nurses, or other health-care professionals who are engaged in research while remaining active in clinical practice.


Trainees Trainees at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute conduct much of the hands-on research and come up with many of the innovative ideas for new studies. Trainees include graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduates and summer students. Most students are from the University of Ottawa.


Research and support staff Support staff at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute coordinate clinical trials, manage research programs and operate sophisticated laboratory equipment. They also take care of health and safety, commercialization, finance and other areas of administration


Scientists, investigators, trainees and staff at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Our Facilities


Square feet of dedicated basic and clinical research space at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Core facilities Including state-of-the-art facilities for studying cells, tissues, proteins and DNA, as well as unique laboratories for manufacturing clinical-grade virus- and cell-based therapeutics


Scientific research labs at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Pieces of research equipment at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Campuses at which we conduct our research including the Civic, General and Riverside Campuses