Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
Annual Report 2014-2015

About Us


The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is the research arm of The Ottawa Hospital and an affiliated institute of the University of Ottawa. Our research is focused on answering important health questions and translating new findings into benefits for patients and the community. Our goal is to make tomorrow’s health care possible today; bringing new hope to our patients, while advancing health research at a global level.

With more than 1,700 scientists, clinical investigators, trainees and staff, as well as total annual revenues of approximately $100 million, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is one of the foremost Canadian hospital-based research institutes.

We are investigating virtually every major disease and condition. Our research spans the full spectrum of health science, from basic molecular biology and epidemiology, to clinical trials and the development of new therapies, to health services and knowledge translation research.

Our research programs

  • Cancer Therapeutics
  • Chronic Disease
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Regenerative Medicine

Vision and Strategic Research

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s vision is to give our patients and their loved ones new hope through research that is making tomorrow’s health care possible today.

This vision expresses our commitment to research that is focused on and inspired by patients. We approach our work with compassion and dedication each day, knowing that every question we answer and every problem we solve could eventually impact many people, including our own loved ones.

To support our vision, we have developed two strategic research priorities:

  1. Regenerative and biological therapeutics: Fostering bench-to-bedside research by turning basic discoveries in cellular and molecular biology into new regenerative and biological therapeutics to improve health.
  2. Practice-changing research: Putting knowledge to work by performing high-quality clinical research that can inform health decisions, and ensuring that results are optimally applied to improve health.

We have also developed a crosscutting strategic research theme on vascular health, which is designed to foster an exciting area of research that focuses on the role of blood vessels in health and disease. This theme cuts across all of our existing programs, fits well with our partners and addresses a major challenge for the health and wellbeing of Canadians.

Leadership Team

The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is a not-for-profit corporation governed by a board of directors that includes members from the University of Ottawa, The Ottawa Hospital and the community.

Board Chair

Ian Mumford
Chief Operating Officer, Canadian Blood Services


Christa Casey
Welch LLP, Partner and Director of the Not-for-Profit Sector Ottawa

Board of Directors

Dr. Jacques Bradwejn
Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Ian Curry
President and CEO, DNA Genotek

Gary Hannah
President and CEO, Vocantas

Don Hewson
President and CEO, HBS Marketing

Dr. Jack Kitts
President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

Louis Lamontagne

Rose Lipiec Montoya
Financial Planner, TD Waterhouse Financial Planning

Randall Marusyk
Managing Partner, MBM Intellectual Property Law

Dr. Mona Nemer
Vice-President, Research, University of Ottawa

Hélène Perrault
Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa

Dr. Duncan Stewart
CEO and Scientific Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Executive Vice-President of Research, The Ottawa Hospital and Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Bashir Surani
Member of The Ottawa Hospital Board of Governors

Shirley Westeinde
Chair, Westeinde Group of Companies

Senior Management Team

Dr. Duncan Stewart
CEO and Scientific Director

Dr. Rashmi Kothary
Deputy Scientific Director

Dr. Jay Baltz
Associate Scientific Director, Trainees

Dr. Dean Fergusson
Program Director, Clinical Epidemiology

Dr. Antoine Hakim
Program Director, Neurosciences

Robert Hanlon
Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Greg Knoll
Vice-Chair, Research, Department of Medicine

Dr. Michael McBurney
Program Director, Cancer Therapeutics

Dr. Leo Renaud
Associate Scientific Director

Dr. Michael Rudnicki
Program Director, Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Alexander Sorisky
Program Director, Chronic Disease

Dr. Catherine Tsilfidis
Director, Equity, Diversity and Gender Issues