Our Research

Our scientists, clinical investigators, trainees and staff are investigating virtually every major disease and condition. Our research spans the full spectrum of health science, from basic molecular biology and epidemiology, to clinical trials and the development of new therapies, to health services and knowledge translation research.

Recognized as one of the top research hospitals in Canada, OHRI has 1,916 active research projects, 883 active research grants, contracts and salary awards, and 455 active clinical trials. We also have 43 active patent families under management.

184 agencies & companies
funded the research of our scientists and investigators this past year.
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Our People

Research is a team activity at OHRI, involving scientists, clinical investigators, trainees and specialized support staff. Patients also play a crucial role in research by volunteering for studies and providing inspiration and ideas for improving care.

110 Scientists

OHRI has 110 scientists leading teams of five to 30 people each. Scientists have MDs, PhDs, or both, and spend the majority of their time on research. All OHRI scientists are also professors at the University of Ottawa and many are active physicians at The Ottawa Hospital.

450 Investigators

Investigators are generally physicians, nurses, or other health-care professionals at The Ottawa Hospital. They devote significant time to research while also being very active in clinical practice. OHRI has more than 450 investigators.

20 visiting scientists
came to OHRI to develop and enhance their scientific skills in areas where OHRI scientists are leaders in their field.

475 Trainees

OHRI has 475 trainees who conduct much of the hands-on research at OHRI and come up with many of the innovative ideas for new studies. Trainees include graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduates, summer students and volunteers. Most are undertaking research at OHRI as part of a degree at the University of Ottawa.

702 Support staff

OHRI depends on more than 700 highly specialized support staff to conduct groundbreaking research. Support staff members coordinate clinical trials, manage research programs and operate sophisticated laboratory equipment. They also take care of health and safety, commercialization, finance and other areas of administration.

Our Facility

OHRI is a multi-sited research facility based at The Ottawa Hospital’s Civic, General and Riverside campuses, with additional space at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine. With 230,000 square feet of dedicated basic and clinical research space, OHRI has a number of specialized facilities, including the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research, the Centre for Innovative Cancer Research, the Centre for Practice-Changing Research and several Good Manufacturing Practice Laboratories.

Note: All figures on this page are as of March 31, 2013, except where noted.

654 physicians at The Ottawa Hospital were involved in research pursuits this year. In 2001, this number was well under 100.