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The OHRI’s vision is to give our patients and their loved ones new hope through research that is making tomorrow’s health care possible today.

This vision expresses our commitment to research that is focused on patients and inspired by patients. We approach our work with compassion and dedication each day, knowing that every question we answer and every problem we solve could eventually impact many people, including our own loved ones.

To support our new vision, we have developed two strategic research priorities:

  1. Regenerative and biological therapeutics: Fostering “bench to bedside” research by turning basic discoveries in cellular and molecular biology into new regenerative and biological therapeutics to improve health.
  2. Practice-changing research: Putting knowledge to work by performing high quality clinical research that can inform health decisions, and ensuring that results are optimally applied to improve health.

We have also developed a cross-cutting strategic research theme on vascular health, which is designed to foster an exciting area of research that focuses on the role of blood vessels in health and disease. This theme cuts across all of our existing programs, fits well with our partners and addresses a major challenge for the health and wellbeing of Canadians.